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 About Emppu

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Broj poruka : 2240
Reputation : 17
Datum upisa : 04.08.2011
Godina : 20
Lokacija : Sabac, Srbija

PočaljiNaslov: About Emppu   Ned Nov 13, 2011 12:54 pm

Emppu Vuorinen


Place of residence:


hmmm.. none

Musical background:
several bands/projects

ESP guitars

Idols in music:

Idols in life:
dad and mom

Life philosophy:
everyday could be the last

Place you would like to go:
actually I have been in every country I want, but "holiday trip" to Japan would be very nice.

What makes you laugh:
Good jokes... and bad ones too..

First record you bought:
I think it was some Iron Maiden...

All time top 5 albums:
Metallican black album, Yngwie Malmsteen:The Seventh Sign, Steve Vai:Sex&Religion, Helloween:Keeper Of The Seven Keys I & II

Personal highlight with Nightwish:
All the tours all over the world.

Best Nightwish show so far:
I can't remember... very many.. but maybe Helsinki, Hartwall arena

Killing time on tour:
reading and walking around the cities.

Preparation for a show:
actually I have no special rituals...

Strangest experience on tour:
gig without any mistakes.. haven´t had yet..

Worst nightmare on stage:
I usually don't sleep on stage, so no nightmares

Worst nightmare in general:
I usually don't sleep, so no nightmares =)

Favorite Nightwish song:

Favorite band/musician:

Favorite book:
all Dan Browns

Favorite drink:

Favorite food:

Favorite animal:

Favorite movie:
I just wached movie called "deja vu" and really liked it..

Favorite TV show:
news at 10 o´clock

Dumbest question you have ever been asked:
there are no stupid questions...

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About Emppu
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